Dog Father American Pale Ale (Available on tap only)

ALC VOL 6.4%

We blended both American Citra & American Amarillo hops to create this well-balanced hoppy APA. With citrus attributes from the Citra hop biting on your tongue, you will then have the balance of stone fruits sliding on through with passionfruit and a hint of Juicy Fruit gum from the Amarillo hop. “Great Brewers are not born great – They drink Dogfather APA

Chomp NZ Pale Ale (Available on tap only)

ALC VOL 4.8%

Embrace your inner velociraptor and get your jaws around this very special brew. Chomp is a New Zealand pale ale, and in true kiwi style it’s the best of both worlds – well rounded and free from frills and feathers. Starting with hints of orange and tropical fruit flavours, it’ll then snap at you with a touch of toothy bitterness, all backed up with a subtle Pacifica and Motueka hop flavour. Enjoy the taste, mind the teeth.

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