When a trio of craft brewers decided to create a few ‘alternatives’ to the range of beers available in New Zealand, they knew their idea not only had bark but it had bite – a whole lot of bite.

So in 2012, Black Dog Brew Co. was created in the heart of Wellington, the Craft Beer Capital of New Zealand. Since then the brewers have been doing something a little different, having some fun and going stray along the way.


We’ve brewed a few beer styles, have had them tested around Wellington and they have more than stood up to the challenge. We thought it best to share these brews with the rest of New Zealand – because we know that little dogs have the biggest bark.

Get amongst the cross-bred brews that we have made, just for you.


Our Wellington CBD taproom has closed.

Rest assured Black Dog beers – Chomp NZ Pale Ale and Dog Father American Pale Ale will be on tap at other NZ craft venues.


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