Bite Pilsner

ALC VOL 5.5%

Release the hounds, open the snake pit. Bite is a super-hopped pilsner that has swallowed stacks of hops whole. It’s got fangs full of tang – but it’s waiting for just the right moment to hit you with it. Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops both have some serious bite, but they don’t overpower the smooth taste and feel. A Pilsner that’ll slither up beside you and start spitting hops when you expect it least, and enjoy it most.

Pug Life Extra Pale Ale

ALC VOL 4.4%

Jack the Russell is a session-able Pale Ale which punches well above its weight, drinking more like a full strength pale ale.  When you first lift the glass, you’ll be struck by an intense tropical/stone fruit aroma with a hint of malt sweetness.  The flavor is a delicate balance of fruity hop, sturdy malt and a soft lingering bitterness to finish.  Easy drinking, alive in the mouth and instantly refreshing – this beer will satisfy even the most hardened pale ale fan. 

Dog Father American Pale Ale

ALC VOL 6.4%

We blended both American Citra & American Amarillo hops to create this well-balanced hoppy APA. With citrus attributes from the Citra hop biting on your tongue, you will then have the balance of stone fruits sliding on through with passionfruit and a hint of Juicy Fruit gum from the Amarillo hop. “Great Brewers are not born great – They drink Dogfather APA

Brewtus Bolivian Coffee Stout

ALC VOL 5.9%

A cross-bred brew, courtesy of a collaboration between Black Dog Brewery and Havana Coffee Works. This is far from the runt of the litter; this is a brute of a beer with a sophisticated side. A rich and silky stout, dry-hopped with a hefty bag of crushed coffee beans straight from Bolivia and a good dose of Cascade hops to add some extra growl. Best enjoyed with hearty stew or a slab of chocolate cake.

Bone Yard India Pale Ale

ALC VOL 5.9%

Creep around the Bone Yard and hear the old hound wail! This big bad dog is back from the dead, breathing new life into an old IPA style.  A real hop hit, with a few phantom flavours, that creep up quietly. Boneyard howls with Waimea, Chinook and Taheke hops that make for a big pale ale, without freaking the sheep so to speak.

Golden Lab Golden Ale

ALC VOL 4.8%

This golden ale is the bright and positive one at the party, the one with more friends than anyone else. It has a light gold colour that you’ll want to dive straight into, with a delightful aroma that’s balanced with mild hops and malt. The Golden Lab is your perfect companion on a hot day. It’s delicious, and refreshing, and well-balanced. But don’t be fooled by the friendly face. This one’s not like the other golden ales out there. This dog’s got legs. Lap it up.

Special Agent IPA 

ALC VOL 5.6%

On a mission to re-educate your taste buds to what a real IPA can taste like. This dog is smooth on the surface, but he’s hiding an undercover hoppy hit. Special Agent is a dual-hopped IPA, made with Nelson Sauvin and Taiheke hops. It’s crisp and refreshing, with a piney, resinous character and a hint of passion fruit on the snout. This is your under cover brother. Underestimate its flavour and you’ll be the one leaving with your tail between your legs.

Chomp NZ Pale Ale

ALC VOL 4.75%

Embrace your inner velociraptor and get your jaws around this very special brew. Chomp is a New Zealand pale ale, and in true kiwi style it’s the best of both worlds – well rounded and free from frills and feathers. Starting with hints of orange and tropical fruit flavours, it’ll then snap at you with a touch of toothy bitterness, all backed up with a subtle Pacifica and Motueka hop flavour. Enjoy the taste, mind the teeth.

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